Social Awareness

We get involved in the making of a better society.

medicus mundi
responsabilida social

No matter if we are in times of prosperity or in the middle of the economic crisis that affects the whole planet, has a compromise of helping those who need it the most.

That is why we actively collaborate with Medicus Mundi Spain, a NGO awarded with the Príncipe the Asturias that cooperates for development in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Angola, Congo or India. Among their objectives are the fight against malaria, poverty eradication and social justice.

At we are aware that help towards the most needed is indispensable, and by helping these kinds of organizations we try to contribute to a better world.


Next project

We will be very soon participating in the reforestation of a pine tree and Mediterranean woods area that was burnt in the summer of 2010. Stay tuned to find out more about this action.